Chimeric Monster Subtype for D&D 5E

15 January, 2020

The original ChimeraWhile D&D 5E is not as much into finely classifying and subclassifying all its monster by type and subtype, chimeric monsters are an important group in the Sea of Stars so I wanted to give them a set of special abilities tied to their nature as well.

Chimeric [Subtype]

A chimeric being is a hybrid creature made from blending together aspects of other creatures.  Some are created by alchemical and magical experiments, other emerge spontaneously from unknown sources.

•    Final Form– For whatever reason, the chimeric being’s form is the end and final result of many changes and it has no wish to change again, it gains a advantage on any saving throw to resist any attempt to further change or weaken its form (including but not limited to polymorph).
•    Hybrid Health– A chimeric creature is full of surprising vigor, gaining a advantage on saving throws against disease and poisons.
•    Obsession with a Food– Each chimeric creature has a particular food that it desires above all others.  A chimeric being will go out of its way to obtain such.  A trainer who has access to such food may gain a advantage on their Charisma (Animal Handling) rolls when training a captive chimeric beast.

Notes: Obviously this subtype would be applicable to chimera, hippogriff, owlbear and such monsters.

Chimeric creatures created for this design journal (for Pathfinder) include: Cobra-Cat, MothLion, StagWolf and Sting Squirrel.

Original Pathfinder version can be found here.

Image Chimera. Apulian red-figure dish, ca. 350-340 BC. owned by the Louvre, photo by Jastrow found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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