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Tuesday Magic Item – Horseshoes of Hauling

14 January, 2020

Loadbearing animalsVoddick watched the tinker’s donkey go past, piled high with every manner of bit and bob that the fellow had for sale.  “That is a tough little beast,” he said.

“I could sell him to you,” said the tinker, “but he would need new shoes.”

As Voddick was pondering, Gollaon came over.  “No deal.  But good luck in your travels.”

Disappointed, the tinker headed on.

Once he was out of earshot, Gollaon leaned in.  “The donkey was wearing magic horseshoes.  It is a classic con.”

Horseshoes of Hauling

Once attached to an animal, they look just like any other horseshoe, the magic symbols that empower them are on the side that faces the animal’s hoof.  Original created for mine ponies, they spread to guilds and then to the nobility where they found favor among certain portly knights.

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