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Shadowrun Campaign News for 2020 with a New Seattle Scream Prop (#64)

9 January, 2020

Always buildingMy monthly Saturday learn to play / open campaign game of Shadowrun is back on track (at Tyche’s Games on every first Saturday each month, come and join in) and has successfully moved to the Sixth World Edition of Shadowrun.  To support that ongoing campaign, we have a new Seattle Scream (#64), the warehouse construction was the location of the run this time (which will lead into a new item next issue).

Still pondering the Sixth World edition, almost ready to add a few house rules to help our play experience work better.  But overall, I like what the new edition was aiming for even if it falls short in a few cases/

What with the holidays and all Shadowrun gaming (and gaming in general) in our local group has been slow.  Things are getting going again and I hope to have a new Seaatle Scream for you next month.

Photo “Construction at Oak / Baker” by Salim Virji is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0



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