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Tuesday Magic Item – Distaff of Teaching

7 January, 2020

Hard work but vitalVoddick rode up to the old woman walking down the road, a distaff cradled in the crook of her arm.  “Need you an escort to the next village, grandmother?” he asked with a polite nod.

She nodded back.  “Should I feel safe traveling with such a disreputable pair?”

Gollaon crossed his hands over his heart.  “Disreputable?  You wound me.  Rakish, perhaps.”

“Well, if you are only raking, then you may accompany me,” said the old woman with a wink.

“Charmed,” smiled Gollaon.

“Honored,” nodded Voddick.

Distaff of Teaching

These distaffs are made of a simple length of wood, carved with blessing, carefully waxed and polished.  Such items are often overlooked as being potential magical or even valuable but are important to the spinning of raw fiber into thread for cloth.

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