December already? What happened to November?

1 December, 2019

Winter beginsWhere did the month go?

It is already the first of December and, thus, the meteorological start of Winter.  But did not November just get going?  And now it is gone.  Tempus Fugit, I guess.  December was, as you might expect, the tenth month of the Roman calendar and it is a month filled with holidays for us modern folk.

So, the themes for this month on the Sea of Stars design journal will be Winter, festivals and gift: cursed gifts, divine gifts, magical gifts or whatever else we can think up.

If there is a particular idea that those theme inspire, let me know and I will try to realize it.

Looking back over November, 2019, we saw the following posts here:


In Memory of the Brave and Noble who Served.

Ratikin Species for D&D 5E, for those who like rat-folk.

New Magic Items:

Last Battle Medallion, fear those willing to give their all to save their loved ones.

Mother Sugarfoot’s Kitchen Accoutrement, whip up the best meal ever.

Swiftsure Horseshoes, we will get then when we are needed.

Windrose Compass, find your way with the wind at yous back.

Campaign Reports:

Down and Out in Taren Kost – Episode 12 – Blood Ties and Episode 13 – Blood, Iron and Acid

PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Two for One (A different sort of SR campaign report)

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Photo “Winter 2006-01” by Wimox is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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