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Tuesday Magic Item – Mother Sugarfoot’s Kitchen Accoutrement

26 November, 2019

Let us get to cookingVoddick leaned back in the chair sipping a nice cup of tea.  “Hand me another of those lovely almond pastries, will you please?”

Gollaon slide the plate over.  “It would be entirely too easy to just while away the rest of our time in a place like this.”

Voddick took a pastry and dunked it in his tea.  “Enjoy the moment, my friend.  Our lives will spin out of control soon enough.”

“Truth,” nodded Gollaon idly stirring his tea.

Mother Sugarfoot’s Kitchen Accoutrement

This is not one magic item, but rather a whole kitchen full of items with small enchantment: pots that will not scald their contents (or burn those that pick them up), self-grinding pestles, measures that do not spill, self-stirring spoons, automatic flour sifters, and so on and so on.  Universally they are functional, self-cleaning and self repairing.

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