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Tuesday Magic Item – Windrose Compass

19 November, 2019

Wither goest thou?Voddick stopped to mop his brow.  “From heroic last stands to being lost in the desert, our lives are never dull.”

“Our guide will find the way, my friend, do not worry,” said Gollaon adjusting the brim of his wide hat.

“Indeed not,” said the guide producing an elegant compass, “we shall soon be on our way again.”

Voddick just nodded.

“Lead the way,” said Gollaon.

Just then a cooling breeze washed over them.  “That is the sign for us to move on,” said the guide, waving the group forward.

Windrose Compass

These compasses are beautifully made and decorated with a mix of cartographic and magical symbols, they are also surprisingly tough able to survive considerable abuse.

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