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Tuesday Magic Item – Last Battle Medallion

12 November, 2019

RememberVoddick and Golloan stood alongside the old folk, veterans of wars that had ended years, decades ago, clad in their armor, some finely polished, other patchwork.  They did not let their age bow them as they stood waiting for what they knew would be their final battle.

“A finer company could not be asked for,” said Voddick.

“Truth, my friend,” replied Golloan.  “Together we will half the invaders long enough for the next army to be raised.  These fine people will not give up.”

“No, we will not,” said the old woman next to them, the paint on her shield faded but her spear was newly polished.  “They will see our mettle and be broken by it.”

Last Battle Medallion

These medallions are usual made in small numbers for the veterans of a particular group that served together, often with something related to the service they performed together with a personal token on the back.

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