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Tuesday Magic Item – Swiftsure Horseshoes

5 November, 2019

To the rescue!

Voddick aimed fired and recocked his crossbow.  “Keep it up lads and lassies, we only need to hold out a little longer.”

Gollaon loosed his last arrow and scooped up some loose stones to toss.  “The Swiftsure Riders will be here, we just need to keep these fools focused on us until they do.”

Quietly Voddick asked, “Do you think they will make it in time?  We are close to being overrun.”

“We had best hope so,” Gollaon answered equally quietly.

Then a cheer went up from the defenders as the pennants of the Swiftsure Cavalry appeared over the ridge.

Swiftsure Horseshoes

These horseshoes are made of polished metal and inlaid with a small amount of gold or silver, the inside is marked with runes and sigils.  Their magic keeps them bright and they often strike sparks when ridden across cobbles.

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