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Tuesday Magic Item – Autumnal Wand

24 September, 2019

Autumn leavesVoddick took a deep breath.  “Ah, the smells of an autumn festival.  Spiced drinks, pies, and other wonderful foods.”

Gollaon nodded around a bite of pie.  “Truth.  It is good to be among people who are enjoying themselves.  Too much war wears on the soul.”

“Indeed,” smiled Voddick.  “Such times lift my spirits and give hope for the future.”

Gollaon laughed.  “Such poetry.  Let us go and watch a show.”

“Have another pie.”

Autumnal Wand

These wands are made of wood, always, are of of the colors of the season it represents: orange, gold and browns.  They feel comfortable to the touch, as if warmed by sunlight.  These wands are created for entertainment and amusement, but can be turned to more creative ends.

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