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Tuesday Magic Item – War Mage’s Gauntlets

11 September, 2019

Handy“Good to be working with competent people again,” said Gollaon, parrying a pirate’s slash.

Voddick smashed his shield into the over extended pirate knocking him off balance and into the hold.  “Truth.  Would be nice to have a fewer enemies however,” he said just before ducking under a hurled spear.

A crackle of electrical sparks and flashes washed across the deck of the pirate ship.  Their new ally gave them a cheery wave.

“That seems to have helped,” said Gollaon stabbing another pirate in the calf.

“Indeed it has,” agreed Voddick, following up with a punch to the pirate’s stomach.

War Mage’s Gauntlets

These gauntlets come in a wide variety of styles from simple leather gloves, to articulated leather gauntlets, to masterpieces of the glover’s art.  They are always made of the highest quality materials and to the highest standards, often decorated with symbolism particular to the society it was made for.

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