Into July as June ends

30 June, 2019

The man himselfHope all of my readers in the Northern hemisphere are enjoying Summer, it is looking to be a hot one in my corner of the world, and those in the Southern are having a safe winter.

As many of my readers will know, July was named after the ambitious Julius Caesar in the re-formalization of the Roman Calendar creating the Julian Calendar (which, unsurprisingly, also named for him).  So, in honor of Caesar, we shall be looking at governments, organization and people of ambition in the Sea of Stars and elsewhere.  As usual, if there is a particular subject you would like to know more about or see more of, please let me know.

At the end of July , I will be heading off to GenCon.  Perhaps I will see some of you there.

Looking back over June, 2019, it was a fairly light month for posting but did see the following:


The Third Fey March in the Sea of Stars, what are those fey up to?  Part of the June RPG Blog Carnival.

Questions about the Sea of Stars?  Ask Away, hoping to inspire us all.

New Magic Items:

Goblin Glass Knife, a fey weapon of ill-repute.

Guildsmith’s Glass, to help with fine work.

Peacock Shield, a colorful defense.

Sun Champion’s Blade, fight for your faith.

Campaign Report:

Shadowrun campaign updates, Podcasting thoughts and a new Seattle Scream (#56) prop


Shadowrun: Better than Bad


Creative Sunday – Howard Brandon and Shaintar

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Image Julius Caesar from Museon used under CC BY.

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