Questions about the Sea of Stars? Ask away!

27 June, 2019
Debate and discussionAsk me anything about the Sea of Stars campaign world, if I do not have an answer I will like come up with one as a new addition to my world.  There are a very few secrets that I wish to keep hidden from players and questions relating to those will be noted and answered as much as can be without spoiling the eventual reveal.
To whoever originated this exercise, well done!

Some of the answers will probably include links to previous posts, as I have done quite a bit of world building here.

Notes: Image The three estates from BL Arundel 71, f. 39v, Charles Soillot. From The British Library. Public Domain Mark.


  1. I follow your blog because many times my players visit an area in where nautical adventures are common, and many times I’ve remembered something you have mentioned here and it has inspired something in my story.

    I’d like to know a few things, though: the fist one is a little meta: do you actually play in 3.5 or 5e? The second is: how would you fit an artificer in the Sea of Stars? And the third: have you created specific prestige or sub-classes for your PCs?

    • The Sea of Stars was first played under D&D 3rd edition, and then 3.5, Pathfinder, a brief foray into FATE, and currently D&D5.

      Artificers would fit in several places as magical technology is a theme. From people who build practical magical devices, a common theme among my magic items, to Sen’tek trying to find new ways to kill dragons. There is no problem including such.

      I have created some for NPCs but none, yet, for PCs but I would have no problem doing so.

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