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Tuesday Magic Item – Sun Champion’s Blade

25 June, 2019

Bright bladeVoddick and Gollaon watched as the Paladin of the Sun charged into the seething mass of unliving corpses surging up the road.  Voddick used his crossbow and Gollaon his bow to try and keep the brave warrior from being flanked but to no avail.

“Looks like we will have to go and try to rescue him,” said Voddick reading his warhammer and shield.

“Indeed, it is what we are being paid for,” he said as he rushed forward.  “But why does he have to make it so difficult?”

Sun Champion’s Blade

These finely wrought swords glow with the Sun’s radiance and are usually decorated with the Sun’s symbol either on the hilt or on the blade itself.  They are often ostentatious with decorated hilts and sheaths.  Their name is a bit grand, they were produced in some number by the servants of the God of Smiths for the Sun Cult before the Sundering and many still survive.

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