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Tuesday Magic Item – Guildsmith’s Glass

11 June, 2019

Look closelyVoddick investigated the magnifying glass with care. “I recognize this guild work, it is from the Clocksmith Guild of Novari.”

“The city-state?” asked Gollaon leaning over to look.

“Yes, one where the guilds rule in all but name,” he replied, cleaning the lens with care.  “Such a tool is a sign of status and favor as well as being a practical aid.”


Voddick nodded and spoke a phrase and the glass floated in the air.  He picked up a letter and the glass moved to aid him in reading it.


Guildsmith’s Glass

These magnifying glasses are only of the finest craftsmanship and usually bear decoration both of the guild that created it and the guild that commissioned it, the commissioning guild being most prominent of course.  Decoration will depend on the guilds involved, with those of the jewelers guild often bearing a small fortune in gems for example, while those of the locksmith guild being notable more practical in appearance.

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