Shadowrun Campaign Update with New Seattle Scream Prop (#60)

30 May, 2019

Read the Seattle Scream for relevanceShadowrun gaming is ongoing, as we await the Sixth Edition of the rules later this summer.  Not sure if we will be switching out until we can actually get hold of the new rules and see what they are like.  But the Star Signs campaign, which has had one session, we might move over as the mechanical investment in the characters is minimal at the moment.  The monthly games at Tyche’s Games (every first Saturday every month, come and join) continue apace and will be moving the Sixth Edition, though maybe not immediately after release but certainly by Winter.

The Star Signs campaign is my attempt to move our campaign into a connected set of stories that will reveal aspects of my take on the Shadowrun world but time will tell is it works out, hopefully the new edition will not cause mechanics to distract from story and plot.

Our NorCal still manages about a session a month, the latest report from PinkCat can be found here.

The latest news from my version of Seattle, 2075, can be found in the Seattle Scream #60.

Notes: Photo “Quiet Night at the Terminal” by ashatsea is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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