Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 8

20 May, 2019

The latest adventures from Taren Kost following from Episode 7 (you can find the initial adventures and cast list here).

Our cast for this episode:

Fiorentino, Reed Greenbottle, Hartessa and Mercutio “the Green”

Episode 8: Out into the Countryside

From here to thereMercutio is escorted into the presence of Evelyn Crystaleyes, one of the crime bosses that he owes money to, and is ‘hired’ to check on one of her other debtors, Dayshon Redtoll, who has fallen out of contact at Longstrand Priory.  Mercutio, of course, agrees and is sent with Tallia to oversee him.  Mercutio recruits his friends and they pack themselves into a coach provided by Crystaleyes (with a coachman, Ricardo) and travel into the countryside.  Fiorentino has never been out of the city before and the other mercilessly misinform him about everything (pie trees and such).

The first night they stop in Wheatown, staying in The Dog and Barrel, a coaching inn, while the next day takes them to Tover and The Falling Star, another coaching inn, just a few hours from the Priory.  They question the locals about Redtoll and the Priory and find that the Priory keeps to itself except for weekly collections of supplies, which was missed this week, and that another city fella came back a week back on his way to the Priory and never came back.

The next morning, a storm rolls in (on a random weather dice roll by one of the players) as they approach the creepy Gothic mansion . . . in a thunderstorm.  The first serious trouble come when they are attacked by a hostile plant that tries to draw them and consume them.  But it is dispatched after an unexpectedly long fight.

Home sweet homeWith an excess of caution, they approach the Priory itself.  A few flickering lights are briefly seen on the upper level of building but otherwise, all is dark inside.  The break a windowpane and send Fiorentino’s rats into scout. they do not find anything living until they all come pouring out, fleeing a very large snake.  Fiorentino tries to talk to the snake, but ends up insulting it (natural one on animal handling roll) and gets bit, his rat swarm takes revenge and kills the snake at some small harm to itself while the rest of the party try and keep Fiorentino from dying.

They then try the front door and find it open, just inside there is a blood stain and drag marks heading deeper into the building.  Cautiously, weapons and spells at the ready they follow the blood trail into the kitchen which is lit by an orange firelight.  On the fire is a large pot, the top part of a skull is just visible in the bubbling liquid.  Just after that is spotted, a ghostly form flows out of the bubbling mass and surges to attack with a spectral scream!

And that is where we ended for the night.

Notes: Lots of role-playing among the players and relatively light adventure advancement for this game and many of those humorous and fleeting moments are lost to time and memory.

By play Interlude 2 follows, then Episode 9 (finishing up the story-line from Episode 6) and this adventure may conclude in Episode 10 (up shortly).

Coach photo by Eugenio Hansen, OFS found on Wikimedia Commons and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license and lower photo “Priory and part of garden” by Tammie M3ENF is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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