Questions for Characters venturing into the Sea of Stars

18 May, 2019

People of all sortsInspired by Judd the Librarian’s questions, I decided to write up a few questions to help people think about their characters and where they are from in the Sea of Stars:

For All:

What do you think of dragonrule?  Of the dragons themselves?  Fear?  Admiration?  Jealousy?

Do you have a faith?  Do you eschew organized religion?  Do you have any private rituals?

Do you have a favored weapon?  Does it have a name?


What is the terrain of your homeland?  What keeps it wild?  How is the climate extreme?

What is the apex predator, beside your people, in your homeland?  Have you hunted them?  If not, why?  If yes, how did it go?

Do you have any cultural taboos that set you apart?  Do you keep them strictly or have you adapted them to fit into civilized society?


What is you favorite song?  Why?  Do you perform it?  Do you want other people to perform it?

What is unique about your dress to symbolize that your are an entertainer?  Do you want people to recognize you even when not performing?


How did your faith call to you?  Was it a vision, a teacher, something else?  How do you feel about the call now?

Do you follow the orthodox version or your faith?  If not, are you vocal about your heterodoxy?  Or is it a secret shame?

How do you display your adherence to the faith?  Particular dress?  Prominently displayed holy symbol?  Something else?


Is your faith a direct contact with nature or is it mediated through a religious structure?  How do your beliefs interact with nature?  With people?

Do you have a spirit animal or guide?  If so, what are they like?  If not, do you want one?


Were you trained or do you just have a natural talent for violence?  If trained, who trained you?  If natural, when and how did you discover your talent?

Which fight do you regret losing the most?  Do you have a scar that reminds you of it?  Do you want a rematch?


How did you come to learn the arts martial?  Did you learn from a master, an order or were you self-taught?  Do others follow the same style?

Is the focus of your path enlightenment?  Physical perfection?  Something else?


What inspired you to don the mantle?  Did you seek it out or did it find you?  Did you refuse the call at first?

Are their any lines you will not cross in service to your faith?  Why?

How do you try to inspire others to live a better life?


What is your homeland like?  What do you miss most about it?  What are you glad to be away from?

Animals, what do you think of them?  Food?  Allies?  Just part of nature?

Are you part of an organization?  Or did you learn from your people?


Do you work for a syndicate or are you independent?  How do you feel about criminal syndicates?  How do they feel about you?

What big score eluded you?  Is it still out there?  Will you try for it again?

Who do you owe?  Why?  Do you owe something beyond money?


Magic sings in your blood, has it always been there?  Or did it emerge later?  When did your power completely manifest?  How?

What do you think of wizards and their academic magic?

Is your magic a blessing or a curse?


Did you choose your pact and patron?  Or did they choose you?  Did you sign willingly or were you without choice?  Do you want out?

Do you hide the fact that you are tied to an otherworldly patron?  or celebrate it?

Book learningWizard

Did you learn magic in an academy or were you an apprentice?  If an academy, are you still in good standing with them?  If an apprentice, what is your relation with your master?

Do you have a favored tradition of magic?  One or more you refuse to use?  Why or why not?

Are there other academic subject in which you excelled or wish to learn more of?

Notes: A good list I think, hopefully inspiring to thought and consideration.

Upper photo “Prior and the Pirates” by Venture Vancouver is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0, lower photo “Salamanca” by michael kogan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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