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Tuesday Magic Item – Exorcist’s Blade

7 May, 2019

A sword for special purposes“Glad we have help, fighting spirits is no simple task,” said Gollaon.

“Truth,” agreed Voddick, checking his blessed bolts.  “We are as well prepared as we can be.”

“Charms and amulets in place?” Gollaon asked as he checked his protective array.

“Yes, I have no wish to be possessed.”

“Agree, the only spirits I want in my body are ones that come out of a bottle.”

“And let us prove that afterward,” said Voddik with a fierce grin.

Exorcist’s Blade

These weapons are made from exotic alloys or carved stone taken from sacred sites and blessed and ensorcelled to hone their ability against hostile spirits.  The hilts are often decorated with occult and esoteric designs.

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