Into May as April and the A to Z Challenge ends

30 April, 2019

Tomorrow brings the first day of May.  May was Maius in Latin and was named after the Greek goddess Maia, probably, who is associated with Spring.  So, what theme would you like to see for May?  Spring and nature?  The fae and faerie?  Something else?  Let me know.

Unsurprisingly April’s writings were primarily for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, which I am pleased to say I completed though a one was late).  So, the posts for April, 2019, were:

More about the Sea of Stars (A-to-Z Posts):

Blogging A to Z, 10th Anniversary!Airships. alchemical and otherwise

Bloodline Chain


Draconic Bloodlines and Bastards


Fantastic Food redux

Gems and Gem Magic

Heart Crystal Armor


Justice and Imperial Law


Languages and Linguistics

Marriage and Matrimony

Negation Seal



Quarrels, Grudges and Blood Feuds

Reactionaries and Resistance

Souls and Spirits

Terror Shot

Underworld, Criminal

Viticulture and Brewing

Whales, sky and otherwise



Zoomorphic Amulet

New Magic Items:

Bloodline Chain, the (magical) ties that bind family.

Heart Crystal Armor, take the crystal to defend those dear to you.

Negation Seal, break the spells that conceal things

Terror Shot, break your enemies will to fight

Zoomorphic Amulet, gain the strengths of animals (and maybe some of their weaknesses too).

Campaign Report:

Campaign Stat Block – Star Signs (Shadowrun)

Down and Out in Taren Kost – Episode 7: Back to the Sewers

PinkCat: Running in the Shade – Surfs Up!

Shadowrun Campaign Catchup and New Seattle Scream Prop (#59)

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