Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Episode 7

28 April, 2019

The latest adventures from Taren Kost following from Episode 6 -which story point has not been competed- (you can find the initial adventures and cast list here).

Our cast for this episode:

Fiorentino, Reed Greenbottle, Mercutio “the Green”, and Skatska

Episode 7: Back to the Sewers

In the sewer . . . againIn the sewers, something is stirring.  The rats are nervous and entire colonies have simply vanished.  It is radiating out from the poorer quarter.  Mecutio’s dreams have been troubled by visions of something with far too many teeth. Shasaka’s dreams involve dragons fighting darkness.

Fiorentino recruits the rest of the character with vague promises of future rewards and, once again, they find themselves in the sewers.  Fiorentino questions the rats they encounter who warn of something consuming them and they wish to get far, far away it.  They continuing to explore, moving towards what the rats are fleeing from.

And they soon find it, an earth elemental shaped like an alligator (which lead to considerable debate among the characters whether it should be called a “rockadile” or a “brickgator”) which is tough and they manage to drive it away.  Nearby, they discover a bricked over entrance to another section of the sewer which they break into.  Scouting down, they again encounter the rockadile and, this time, manage to dispatch it.  Venturing further, they find a round room circled with mystical signs and in the center, a strange and massive fishman chained by the foot.  They provoked the creature and it pursued them, tearing off its foot in the process, which quickly regrew.

They lost the creature in the sewer and doubled back to the circular room which had a trapdoor in the ceiling.  They climb through and find a ritual chamber complete with robes, of which they steal several, and emerge from beneath Timion’s Pickles.  They head out to find someone to report to . . . and find the Ghostchasers and Ragna Sharankiss, the Satrap of Taren Kost, fighting the angry fishman who soon falls.  When the creature falls, it changes back into a man, Varet Ghostchaser catches the curse he was under in a clear glass bottle that turns black with the magic of the curse.

The information is received and the characters are rewarded for their assistance.

Notes: Almost everyone made it for this adventure except Hartesa’s player, first of these she has missed.

The cursed fishman was inspired by the character Sargasso from Karl Kesel’s Section Zero comic.

Next Episode here.

Photo “Brook Floor” by RodoftheFlies is licensed under CC by-nc-nd 2.0.

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