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Viticulture and Brewing in the Sea of Stars (A to Z, V)

25 April, 2019

Wine everywhereWhile most dragons are not that enchanted by alcohol, though some are connoisseurs, people still enjoy their drinks, whether driven to it by dragons or not.  But there is a thriving industry producing wines, ales, beers, and other alcoholic drinks for domestic consumption and export.

It is widely accepted that elfin wines are the finest in the Sea of Stars, the talent of the elves with plants and agriculture is well known and their most well known vineyards often predate the Sundering.  Their patience and care in the production of their wines leads to excellent vintages which are widely exported and consumed.

The dwarves have developed technique for the refinement of alcoholic drinks into much more potent, and stable, drinks such as whiskeys and other distilled spirits.  The dwarven brewers also seek way to improve ale and ways to store ales that keep them drinkable longer, but it is an ongoing process.  They have also pioneered the use of metal vessels, such as copper kegs, to stores their drinkables.

The Visse favor beers and ales, especially mixed with spices and served hot.  While the Sen’tek have adapted dwarven distilling methods to make potent brews which can also be applied to weaponry or other technologies.

Various cultures across the Sea of Stars have their own specialty drinks, some quite unusual, but almost all of them make their own alcoholic drinks be it brewed from grains, potatoes or more unusual substances.  Mushrooms, mare’s milk, honey and more have all been and are fermented into drinkable form somewhere.

The Empress partakes of whatever she is offered on state visits but does not have a known preference for one type of drink over another, though she is gifted with many types.

Notes: Image by Alexander Lauréus from the Finnish National Galley and is in the Public Domain.

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