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Tuesday Magic Item – Terror Shot (A to Z, T)

23 April, 2019

Siege and SorrowVoddick careful lined up his shot, resting his crossbow on the embrasure of the fortress’ wall.  “How did we get trapped in a siege again?”

“Avoiding one batch of trouble found us in another,” answered Gollaon fitting an arrowhead to the shaft.  “At least we are on the right side, even if they are poorly equipped.”

“Right may not carry the day,” said Voddick as he recocked his crossbow.  “They are bringing up the engine and it appears they brought terror shot.”

“They are serious about recapturing the city.  We had best warn the others.”

Terror Shot

These pieces of ammunition are usually shaped like skulls or other symbols of death and fear and are designed to be thrown by siege engines (or large creatures).  Smaller version can be propelled by slings.

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