Reactionaries and Resistance in the Sea of Stars (A to Z, R)

20 April, 2019

While some oppose the dragonrule, others have become quite comfortable in its embrace, many families have had their status enhanced and their positions solidified by their closeness to the ruling dragons and draconic houses.  These families tend to be the most visibly and vocally supportive of dragonrule, often more so even than the dragons themselves.

Execution of traitorsThese families, usually already of long lineage before the dragons came, fully support the new new status quo and their place in it and will reflexively oppose any attempt to change things.  These people do not like change, change is likely to erode their position and status in the world, weaken their power, steal their birthright.  They will act to quash change and challenges to the existing order, preferably before word of such reaches their draconic patron and weakens their position in the eyes of their master.

These reactionary elements have considerable resources and employ secret police, spies, informants and infiltrators in their never ending quest to keep things just the way they are.  It is a difficult task as events, internal and external, especially natural disasters and wars, can throw society out of balance in an instant, which makes restoring the status quo even more difficult and costly.  Which, of course, only encourages the reactionary families to overreact to any potential threat.

It is dangerous to stand out in lands where these reactionary families hold power, as the saying goes, “The nail that stick up, gets hammered down.”

Notes: These are the other side of the coin to the rebels and revolutionaries that haunt the Sea of Stars.

Image Execution of traitors from BL Royal 20 C VII, f. 140. The British LibraryPublic Domain Mark.

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