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Tuesday Magic Item – Negation Seal (A to Z, N)

16 April, 2019

Gollaon sauntered around the corner, turned on his heel and came back.  “We have to go,” he said to Voddick.”

“Why?” asked Voddick.

“Imperial Auditor,” Gollaon shot back.

“Oh?  Oh!” said Voddick and hurried to catch up.  “That cannot be good.”

“Indeed not.  I think we should not stick around to see the inevitable conclusion.”

“We can steal horses.”

Negation Seal

These seals bear the mark of their issuing power, by that empress, queen or high priestess, decorated in enamels or colored precious metal and are made from hard metal, often platinum, with the seal itself usually an equally hard stone.  The bearer must take an oath to serve and uphold the law of the issuing power and the seal only work as long as they maintain that oath.

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