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Justice and Imperial Law in the Sea of Stars (A to Z, J)

11 April, 2019

There is no one universal law or system of justice in the Sea of Stars, the closest is Imperial Law but it only reaches as far as the agents of the Imperium and the Empress.  While most Draconic rulers cooperate with Imperial Law, they do so with various degrees of enthusiasm, for example, almost all Draconic Houses wholeheartedly cooperate with the Imperial proscription on the Moon Sect as they are a source of chaos and disruption.  While the assistance provided to the Imperial navy when they are hunting pirates tends to depend on how much the ruler benefits or is harmed from such piracy (the Imperial navy will not punish privateers as long as they operate within their letter of marque).

Is Justice blind?The only Imperial laws that universally enforced, and will trigger intervention from the Imperium if not followed, are the paying of Imperial taxes and the maintenance of the Imperial currency.  Imperial Law is, well, draconian,  offering harsh punishments for the narrow band of crimes it concerns itself with but most crimes are left to the local states to prosecute and punish as the rulers, legal systems and cultures see fit.

As a general rule, the dragons have not interfered much in the legal systems of the lands they now rule finding such matters tedious at best.  When they want a law changed they tell their subjects to change, which is how the Moon Sect has become illegal and hunted in most lands of the Sea of Stars, though a clawful of states have never passed official laws to such effect.  Membership in the Sen’Tek conspiracy is punishable by death in a wide range of nations but not, oddly, by Imperial Law.

While one of the members of the Empress’ inner circle is the Judge, who studies, collects and analyzes laws from across the entirety of the Sea of Stars, the Imperial legal system is as simple and understandable as it can be.  The Judge occasionally refines a line or two but spends far more time answering questions and advising Draconic Houses and states both on legal matters and ways to improve their legal codes.  He favors a transparent set of rules, understood by all, to best seek both truth and justice with, as least as far as dragons understand such a concept.

Notes: Image “Framed Justice” by djking is licensed under CC by-nc-sa 2.0.


Insects in the Sea of Stars (A to Z, I)

11 April, 2019

Insects of several typesInsects are everywhere in the Sea of Stars, just as they are here, but in even greater variety.  Due to the presence of magical flows, some insect are able to overcome the square law rule and grow to enormous size.  Occasional insect-animal hybrids (such as MothLions and sting squirrels) exist and are more common in some regions than others.  (So, insects, giant, unusual and hybrid, are all viable forms of threat.)

While magic can be used to eliminate large numbers of insects at once, there are always more, but in general the farms and large cities of the Sea of Stars are no more troubled by insects than such are in our modern world.  Though occasionally a new, invasive species with upset the balance in a city or island with catastrophic effects before a balance is reestablished.  There are a small number of wizards who specialize in large scale extermination of vermin, not just insects, and they rarely lack for work somewhere.

Of course, very few know that the insects of the Sea of Stars are occasionally influenced by the mysterious Pattern which acts through them to achieve its inscrutable goals.

Notes: Sorry this is late, yesterday was just a terrible day for productivity.

Image Five insects of the Orthoptera order, including a grasshopper, locust and mantid. Coloured engraving by J. O. W from the Wellcome Collection. CC BY.

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