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Gems and Gem Magic in the Sea of Stars (A to Z, G)

8 April, 2019

GemsGems, crystals, and such materials are useful focuses for magic in the Sea of Stars valuable for their role in magic working as well as their rarity and beauty.

Those dragons who are fortunate enough to rule over dwarven holds often demand their tribute from them at least partially in gems.  The Empress herself is constantly seeking the most perfect examples of the various gems . . . though what she does with them is unknown as her jewelry is simple and rarely changes.  There are many theories: the Empress is known as an expert crafter of magic items, perhaps she is using them to make even more powerful items?  Why would the Empress’ hoard contain anything but the rarest and most valuable things?  They are part of a long term magical working that will do . . . something amazing?

While a few other dragons have explored the possibilities of gem magic, it is the dwarves who are its masters.  Making everything from weapons to armor, jewelry and even skyships powered by forges that burn gems for motive power.  Naturally, the dwarves tend to work with the gems tied to the clan lines, diamond, emerald, ruby and so on.  All work with crystal and use it to supplement and reinforce the magic of the primary gems.  Most gem workers start with simple crystal and have to be at least journeymen before they are allowed to begin working with the actual gemstones.

Very few of the other species work with gems, though some have apprentices with the dwarves they rarely advance beyond apprenticeship.  The Sen’tek have experimented with crystal weapons but produced through alchemical means rather than magic.  The Ypsarian serpentfolk work with salt but it is possible that such techniques could be turned to other types of crystal.

Notes: Photo of African gems from the Smithsonian Institute and are used under the SI’s Fair Use policy.


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