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Shadowrun Campaign Catchup and New Seattle Scream Prop (#59)

7 April, 2019

Seattle, Exterior, NightShadowrun gaming has fallen a bit behind in our rotation due to a variety of reasons (such as playtesting a supplement for [redacted]) which has eaten up gaming time.  The monthly games at Tyche’s Games (every first Saturday every month, come and join) continue apace.

Still trying to decide where to move the focus of the campaign as the major villain has receded into the background and the primary organizer of runs they were working for has had to go on the lam.  One-off adventures are fine but I am looking for a greater amount of connective tissue between stories. but I have not found it yet.  Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

Our NorCal game continues apace, the latest report from PinkCat can be found here.

The latest news from my version of Seattle, 2075, can be found in the Seattle Scream #59.

Notes: Photo by Matt Rubens and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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