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Fantastic Food from the Sea of Stars redux (A to Z, F)

6 April, 2019

Building on the earlier A to Z contribution of fantastic foods.

While all of the food one expects to find exist in the Sea of Stars, there are many more unusual and even magical foods and delicacies to be found as well.

Food, glorious foodDivine Foods, most of the divine animals and fruit trees in the world fell into the possession of the Empress, with the aid of the Hunter, the goats that are eaten to the bone are reborn every morning, the cow whose milk is always purest cream, and so on.  A few ended up in the possession of other Draconic Houses, but even a some of those have worked their way back to the Empress as gifts or tribute.  The Empress gives out gifts made from such foods as a sign of her favor.

Copper Pipped Oranges, the oranges grown around the Bronze Mirror Lake have seeds made of copper.  This makes the keepers of the orchard very protective of them, and very nervous, as new trees cannot be grown.  The juice of the oranges is exceptional, making them a valuable commodity even not factoring in the copper pips.

Flame Cattle, these cattle run hot, their hooves will ignite dried grass so keeping them properly paddocked is difficult.  Their meat is high in mineral content and popular among dragons.  The properly treated, leather made from flame cattle hide is resistant to heat and fire.

Long=Lasting Long Beans, these green beans grow up to 1.5m long with beans the size of marbles.  Dried, they last for years and have ended up in many rations.

Storm Apples, the skin of these apples is a changing grey and gold, swirling like clouds, and biting into one releases the smell of ozone.  Made into cider, it is naturally effervescent and carries a considerable kick.

And many more besides.

Notes: Photo by Michael Stern and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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