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Education in the Sea of Stars (A to Z, E)

5 April, 2019

Halls of learningEducation is a very regional thing in the Sea of Stars, some cultures valuing it more than others.  The dragons, however, have embraced the value of a comprehensive education, with Visse for the very young and elven ones for older children, elven tutors and governess are highly prized among the dragonic houses.

The Empress maintains the Dracokosai Academy just outside of the Capital for the education of those dragonblooded without families or who wish to enter government service.  It is a combination boarding school, academy and university about to take children as young as five and teach them as they need to be thoughtful and efficient agents of the Imperium.

Very few states in the Sea of Stars have systematized, universal school system, the Dark Star Dominion being one of the few exceptions.  Many localities encourage their citizens to learn to read and avail themselves of education opportunities, however such education is usually performed on a family or guild level, rarely extending to a city or larger.

For most people education beyond basic literacy and math skills is practical and vocational: farm work and techniques, training within a guild system and so on.  Many also receive basic training at arms as part of the local militia.  Philosophy is widely discussed and most, even in the far flung villages, have opportunity to speak with a philosopher once or twice a year.

University and colleges, sometimes teaching the arcane arts as well as general subject, exist in nearly all of the major cities.  Their curriculum vary widely depend on what their home culture values and what those who pay for the education expect to receive from it.  But they are still considered an important rite of passage for many even if their educational achievements may be minimal.

Notes: Photo by Gordon Wrigley and used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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