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Draconic Bloodlines and Bastards (A to Z, D)

4 April, 2019

Colorful dragon glassIn the Sea of Stars, all dragons have the ability to change shape most use this ability to take human form which often to indulging in the pleasures and passions that humanity is prone to.  In the first century after the Dragon Rule began there were so very many half-dragons spawned but after that, bearing a half-dragon child became very hard and dangerous on the mother, if not a dragon, the reason for this change is unknown.  (The religious say that it was a punishment from the gods, other wonder if that is so, why did it take a century to manifest.)

Still, there are no small number of people with some amount of dragon blood flowing in their veins, the dragons categorize the people in such a fashion:

  • Dracona, those in the first generation, or half-dragons as some would call them.  Embody quite a few draconic powers (toughness, magical attack -usually being able to breath fire or some such- and great physical strength).  New Dracona are rare (as noted above) but they have a significant lifespan so there are quite a few around.
  • Dracovi, children of the Dracona and other mortals, still marked by greater strength and durability compared to most humanish species but not to the same extent as the Dracona nor is their life as long.  Elves with dragon blood are often called Shadowelves due to their closeness to the Draconic House Shel’liochassa (“Shadowed Heart”).
  • Dani, those with just enough dragonblood for it to manifest in some fashion, providing abilities that are by echos of the power of their distant ancestors.

Certain complex and powerful magics, held almost exclusively by the dragons, can allow people to ascend up the draconic chain of being.  But only the Empress holds the key to the magics that will advance one of the dracona to the status of a true dragon and such power has been exercised . . . once in the history of the Sea of Stars.

The Draconic Houses, in general, care more about loyalty and the power that the dragon-blooded bring than  concern about who their distant ancestor was.  Prove yourself useful and loyal, and you can go far.  Bastards, distant relations, foundlings with dragon-blood, it makes no difference ultimately as long as they devote themself to the house they find service with . . . it is those with greater ambitions that take greater risk but sometime, achieve greater ends.

Notes:This was going to be the A to Z for B (with bastards taking the lead) but I changed it around and you can see how it links to the Bloodline Chain.

Photo by Loozrboy and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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