Down and Out in Taren Kost – Campaign Report Interlude 1 – Letter from the Matriarch

18 March, 2019

We could only get three of us together but, by gum! we were going to game. So this is a brief interlude taking place after Episode 4.

Let me in!Our cast for this interlude:

Hartesa Wormwort Ulshyve, dark elf mushroom farmer and inferniculturalist, and self-described hick, with imp familiar “Portobello”.  (Warlock, played by B2)

Reed Greenbottle, Visse agent of Taren Kost’s Trade Directorate, License Enforcement, and stickler for the proper rules.  (Rogue, played by R)

Interlude 1: Letter from the Matriarch

Hartesa is awoken from where she is staying, the attic apartment of Mecutio above the Gilded Lilly, by an insistent tapping on the grimed over window.  Hesitantly, she approaches and opens the window and in flies a two-foot tall obsidian-black mantis carying a tarnished silver jar and a message.  The message:

My Dearest Hartessa,

I hope this missive finds you well.  We know you are still alive as our Patron has not reported you joining the ranks of shades.  The family sends their best wishes.

Now, a task.  We need you to acquire sufficient ground nightmare to fill the container accompanying this letter as your fool cousin Gerthbret huffed our entire supply -a life decision he now deeply regrets- and it is needed for an upcoming ritual.  Please do so as quickly as possible, you know our Patron hates to be kept waiting. Give the full container to Xebraxius here to take back.

Blessing of the Dark upon you my child.

-Your Matriarch

And so, leaving an insensate Macutio, laid low by drugs he has turned turn as his wild magic left him temporarily immune to alcohol, behind, Hartesa set forth.  Luckily, Reed was working on reports (and a mug of ale) in the Gilded Lilly‘s common room.  Together they set out to hunt ground nightmare.  Their first stop, The Left Boot, rough and tumble pub on the outskirts of the night quarter catering to working folk where Isret Yon, a purveyor of illicit intoxicants is often to be found.  Isret Yon, is tall and thin with sharp features, dressed in worn finery, he greets Reed with false bonhomie and leads the pair back to his table.  While Isret has what Hartesa need, he does not have enough of it.  They negotiate for an introduction to Isret’s supplier and agree to meet the next morning.

They are introduced to Grażyna Sobczak, alchemist and nightmare harvester, a small woman of great talents.  She and Hartesa negotiate, ending with a promise of moss from the shadowed lands, shadow hound teeth and gold for the required amount of ground nightmare.  The teeth are stolen from Shakasa and returned but there is not quite enough ground nightmare made up to fill the container . . . So they knockout Mecutio after a mock arrest and Hartesa visits a sausage factory in a bit to induce nightmares to be harvested.  Which mostly works and the jar of nightmares is sent back to the Matriarch leaving an exhausted, and much poorer, Hartesa to get some rest.

Notes: A short filler game as we only had two players but fun and built some bonds between Hartesa and Reed.

Photo by Ilya and used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.


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