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Tuesday Magic Item – Dust of Dispatch

26 February, 2019

Source of the dust?“I care not for that new wizard, they seem to . . . attracted to power,” said Voddick, watching said wizard performing some sort of ritual.

“Truth,” said Gollaon.  “I fear that one dips into necrourgy and, perhaps, more dangerous arts.”

Voddick grimaced.  “That is likely to cause trouble.”

“Agreed,” nodded Gollaon.

“Would a complain to our commander do any good?”

“Probably not.”

“I do hope it will not fall to us to sort this,” said Voddick.

Dust of Dispatch

This dark grey dust smells faintly of dust and old bones, it is unpleasantly cold to the touch.  It clings to living fresh if given a chance.

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