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PinkCat: Running in the Shade “Babysitting” (A different sort of SR campaign report)

10 February, 2019

To understand what is going on here, you had best read the first PinkCat: Running in the Shade post, but short summary, this is a campaign report for our Shadowrun campaign set in NorCal through the filter of a cartoon made by one of the team members.

Episode Forty One: Babysitting

Kids todayGuest Starring: Clawz, Rani, Tora and Doc Cav.

Pink is asked to watch over the children of her neighbors, all six of them, all troublemakers, so she has to call in help from more and more of her friends as the night goes on.  Much classic comedy shtick ensures, Rube Goldberg-esque traps, chases in and out of doors on a long corridor and so on, lots of call outs to classic cartoons.  At the end, Pink and her friends are frazzled, the kids are exhausted and asleep and the parent arrive to see that nothing went wrong . . .  and the whole back wall of the apartment building falls off.

What really happened:

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