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Tuesday Magic Item – Winter Whip

5 December, 2018

A whipping chillVoddick made sure his cleats where tightly attached to his boots before he opened the door and stopped out into the driving snow.

Gollaon followed.  “Well, the pay is good.”  He said through the scarf wrapped around his face.

“I do not mind, the ice, or the snow, or even the bitter wind,” said Voddick.  “But I hate falling and looking ridiculous.”

“True,” nodded Gollaon.  “Pride does help keep one warm.”

“Damn straight.”

Winter Whip

These whips are made of white leather, taken from arctic creatures, the grip is wrapped around a length of rock crystal and tied with silver wire.  They are cool to the touch, moving to cold when used.  Frost gathers around the whip when it is set down, even in summer weather.

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