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Tuesday Magic Item – Gloves of the Oracle

27 November, 2018

Untangle fateVoddick sat on the steps of the shrine.  “I have never understood the desire to learn the future.”

“Agreed,” said Gollaon pouring wine for the both of them.  “If it is ill-fortune, you will go crazy trying to avoid it.  If it is good, you will not enjoy it as much because you expect it.”

Voddick nodded and took the cup.  “Though I am amused by the fact we are visiting blind seers.”

Golloan laughed.  “I had not thought of that.”  He raised the wine cup to his friend.  “To the future.”

“The future.”

Gloves of the Oracle

These gloves are made of thin and supple leather, most are stained and worn, but very little can damage them seriously.  The interior is written with prophecies in dark ink that can never be read for if the gloves are turned inside out, the writings always remain on the inside.

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