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Tuesday Magic Item – Knife of Letterlocking

20 November, 2018

Cuts paper and more

Gollaon toyed with the slender blade. “Well, are we committed to resigning?”

Voddick sighed heavily and nodded.  “This is not the war for us.”

“And the other thing?”  Gollaon tapped the knife on the letter.

“Yes, send it.  The Queen needs to know what is being done in her name.”

“As long as we both agree.  As it will likely lead to trouble for both of us.”

Voddick nodded again.  “Sometime even we must do the right thing.”

Knife of Letterlocking

These knives are usually slender and easy to pack away (or to conceal) but their primary purpose is not combat but to aid their owner in securing their letters from molestation.  Their blade are made of fine razor edged steel and ofttimes have a highly decorated hilt.

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