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New Magic Item – Traveler’s Safe Meal Kit

15 November, 2018

Eat up!Voddick unrolled the leather sheet and with a snap it hardened and curled up at the edges. 

“I do like that touch,” observed Gollaon, who was making do with a battered borrowed plate.

“You could have gotten one for yourself,” said Voddick.

“Well, there was that hat . . .”

“And that charming lady . . .”

“And that handsome young man . . .”

Traveler’s Safe Meal Kit

This item consists of four parts: An eating knife, a spoon, a rectangle of leather or heavy cloth and a thick metal disk.  The rectangle rolls into a cone and the knife and spoon can be stored inside with the disk acting as a seal.  Unrolled, the rectangle assumed the strength of metal at a gesture or command word, the disc expands into a cup in the same manner, another command returns them to their transportable state.

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