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Tuesday Magic Item – Collar of the Clever Cat

30 October, 2018

Isis' collar“Cats!  Again?!” said Voddick shooing them out of the saddle bags.  “Must we always be plagued by feline felons?”

“They might be friendly,” replied Gollaon with a grin.

“Seems unlikely,” Voddick said pulling another cat out and sending it on its way.

“Well, cats are useful, keeping vermin down.”

“True,” sighed Voddick.  “And shooing cats is better than killing rats.”

“That is the spirit.”

Collar of the Clever Cat

These collars are always beautifully made, sometime bejeweled but always of the highest quality materials.  They always fit snugly, but comfortably, no matter if they are put around the neck of a person or cat.

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