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Tuesday Magic Item – Scepter of Unending War

23 October, 2018

An ugly sceptre for ugly magicVoddick finished oiling and cleaning his war axe. “I am so very tired of dealing with the unliving or having to mutilate the corpses of our enemies.  Honorable warrior deserve better.”

“You will have to take that up with their ruler, them seem very uncompromising about pursuing the war to the bitter end,” said Gollaon sewing up a tear in his cloak.

“I would be happy to,” said Voddick taking a practice swing.  “If we can get through the army of living and unliving guard, through the castle and whatever death traps are waiting there.”

“I suspect we could get our employer to back such a raid.,” mused Gollaon.

“Better than this slog through blood and rotting flesh.”

Scepter of Unending War

This scepter is not a pretty decoration of royalty but a rod of roughly forged iron, said to be iron mined in the underworld and forged with dragon’s fire and quenched in the blood of innocents.  However it was made, it contains powerful enchantment and necrourgic magics of the most fell nature.

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