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Tuesday Magic Item – Peacock of Fidelity

5 June, 2018

PeacockGollaon was chatting away to the beautiful spouse of the governor and them seemed to be hitting it off quite well.

Voddick caught his friends attention as he move to get more wine.  “You are wasting your time if you are after more than pleasant conversation with that one,” he said.

“Yes?  I thought we were getting along quite well,” replied Gollaon picking up two fresh wine cups.

“Among the many pendants, note the peacock,” said Voddick with a nod towards the person in question.

“Oh bother.”

Peacock of Fidelity

This pieces of jewellery can come in many forms but broaches and necklaces are the most common in any case they portray a watchful peacock and sometime have actual peacock feathers worked into the piece.  This item can only be used by one who is pledged to another (or anothers, depending on the culture) and  it is sometimes used out of fear and sometime out of caution but usually some mixture of both.

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