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Tuesday Magic Item – Void Light

26 June, 2018

Void CrystalsVoddick held up the lantern, its odd light making the trees of the forest appear unhealthy and forboding.  “I do not like what our employers providing us with such a light implies.”

“Truth,” agreed Gollaon, an arrow nocked on his bow’s string.  “It is my hope that they other equipment provided will allow us to fight or escape as needed to report back.”

“Such is my hope as well,” nodded Voddick.  “Still, at least the pay is good and we get to keep what we do not use of what was provided.”

“Indeed, so let us keep going and get this scouting done.  The sooner we are back in camp the better.”

Void Light

These glowing crystals radiate a faint violet light that many find unsettling but has several uses for those interesting in seeking beings that exist in multiple levels of reality or are from other worlds entirely.  Often kept in specially built lanterns both to keep the crystal safe and to be able to cut off the disturbing radiance when needed.

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