Shadowrun campaign updates, Podcasting thoughts and a new Seattle Scream (#56) prop

7 June, 2018

Shadowrun continues to be played, not least monthly with introductory games at Tyche’s Games (every first Sat, feel free to join us), and the occasional game as part of our Thursday night rotation both the NorCal game and occasional one-shot adventure in Seattle.  The NorCal campaign, that I am a player in, has seen some more play and remains great fun and moving forward (latest report from that here).

I am plotting a short Shadowrun podcast that would be split half in-game/in-character advice to shadowrunners and half “how you do that in the game”.  Would that be of interest to people?  And if so, what would you like advice on?

The latest news from my campaign here in Seattle Scream #56, the troll town murders are from the last Saturday session, where the player found out how scary spirits are when you only have limited magic support.

Now, be careful out there in the shadows my friends.  The world is cruel and dangerous place.

Photo “dark city?” by twak is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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