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Tuesday Magic Item – Eternity Cage Amulet

22 May, 2018

Crystal“Our new Commander seems rather heedless of his personal safety,” said Voddick checking his straps.

“He thinks he is immortal,” replied Gollaon quietly.

“That is usual among commanders,” added Voddick, glancing to his friend.

“Yes, but this one has an amulet that may, in some way, provide it.”

“That is going to cause trouble.”

Eternity Cage Amulet

These items consist of a crystal so clear it is nearly invisible suspended in a silver cage,close observation will show that the crystal never touches the cage it is in.  It is attuned it a new possessor by letting a single drop of blood fall on the crystal making it momentarily an intense red, a color to which it will return when it uses its magic.

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