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Of Tests and Terrors – A Petrichor Campaign Report

24 March, 2018

Priestly DressHaving left our heroes on a cliffhanger as a voice announced “Prepare to be judged.”  From the back of the temple emerges a figure, a resplendent priest with staff and full beard.  Though it is obviously a construct of some sort and he is flanked by six robed figures who stay back in the shadows, the “priest” introduces himself as Ayyumma.  He states that the characters must under go four trails, one for each element, to prove they are worthy.  Lorrend happily accepts for the group.

First, the test of water, suddenly the room is overrun (overflowed?) by a mighty river and the characters are submerged.  Pedr is almost washed away buy Lorrend tosses him a rope and drags them both to the river bank, where Elsbeth is already waiting.

Ayyumma serves our heroes date wine, flat bread and fruits and asks about them, getting short biographies and a brief history of the world since the Sundering.

Then, the test of fire where they are asked to pull white hot iron rods out of a brazier.  Lorrend just grabs one, relying on his toughness as a smith.  Elsbeth trusts to her good dwarven gauntlets.  While Pedr uses chill touch to finesse the whole process.  The burns are painful, except for Pedr, but it was the willingness to make the grasp that was important and salve is provided.

Next, the test of air, which is three riddles, nicely each of the character (players) is able to answer one of them.

Lorrend than complains that he had hoped for something more physically challenging and is rewarded(?) with an earth elemental charging in and attacking them.  The fight was being fairly challenging until Pedr’s chromatic orb ended it with a crashing finality (critical hit with a thunder attack on a creature vulnerable to thunder damage, BOOM!).

Ayyumma reveals himself as a demon, and the robed figures as lesser demons, and they throw themselves at our heroes.  Between Elsbeth’s storm blessings, Pedr’s magic and Lorrend’s combat skills, the lesser demons are quickly dispatched.  Ayyumma proves a tougher foe and is pressing the characters heavily when a massive stone paw smashes it to the floor.   Erisham apologizes for being late and Lorrend complains that the tests were in vein.

Continued in Of Souls and Seals.

Notes: It was decided to return to Petrichor after a mere two year hiatus. It was a short game as R was still recovering from sickness thus the deus ex machina at the end.  Not sure when we will get back to it again.

Image found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Public Domain.

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