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Tuesday Magic Item – Blood Banner

13 March, 2018

Red Flag“Another red banner?!  They must have emptied the jail before marching to war,” complained Voddick.

“I am not fond of working as executioners for what may be innocent people,” agreed Gollaon aiming along the shaft of his arrow.

“But they will kill us if we do not kill them.”

“Needs must,” said Gollaon releasing the bow string.  “But I do not have to be happy about it.”

“There is a break in the line,” said Voddick pointing.  “Let us see if we can show their officers what we think of their policy,”

“Capital idea.”

Blood Banner

These banners are of bright red cloth but their edges are stained a darker red.  If there is any ornamentation it will be on the pike-staff, a heraldic symbol or state identification perhaps, but equally often they are unadorned.  The magic of the banner is activated by having a person wipe their blood on the banner which then ties them to the banner for the duration of the campaign.

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