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Tuesday Magic Item – Lucky Helm

13 February, 2018

Keeps YOU safe“Hey, that Geoff!” said Voddick turning in his saddle to get a better look as the soldiers passing by.

“Geoff?! We have not seen him since that skirmish in Volak,” said Gollaon giving a wave to the trouping warriors.

“He was with a Red Banner then,” said Voddick.  “Wonder how he ended up with the Gold Snakes?”

“I heard the Red Banner was near wiped out in a campaign against some pirates.”

“Hmm.  Well Geoff’s luck has held and he still has that stupid helm.”

Lucky Helm

These helms are usually a little battered but well loved by their owners who often decorate them as best they can, while dented and scarred, they have no breaks or flaws to endanger their wearer.

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