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Tuesday Magic Item – Swift Sparrow Amulet

30 January, 2018

Sparrow“It is so good to be back in a city,” said Voddick with a wide sweep of his hands.

“Agreed, and this one is exceptionally fine,” said Gollaon watching some of the young nobles ride by.

“Watch where you are going!” shouted Voddick as a messenger ran by him quickly followed by another.  “You too!”  He shouted as they vanished into the crowds.

“Fast and skillful,” said Gollaon.

“But a little rude.”

“They get paid for speed I imagine.”

Swift Sparrow Amulet

These amulets can be plain or gaudy but they always feature a sparrow, usually in flight but not always.  They are never worn on a chain but always on a cord.

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