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Shadowrun Campaign Update for the New Year (’18/’74) and new Seattle Scream prop (#54)

25 January, 2018

The Shadowrunning continues apace, with monthly introductory games at Tyche’s Games (every first Sat, feel free to join us), and the occasional game as part of our Thursday night rotation.  Indeed, the central story (about metahumans and schools) ties into these Monthly games and how the last two have played out.

The NorCal set game on occasional Thursdays, which I am a player in, remains great fun and still moving forward (last report from that here) though we have just lost one of our stablest players due to medical reason.

I even had a chance to play my Seattle based character Slappy in a one-shot adventure themed to the New Year!  Rah!

Again, I have fallen behind on keeping up on the Seattle Scream but here is a new issue for the New Year (#54, February 2074)!

Now, be careful out in the shadows my friends.  Trust no one and keep your weapon handy  More news soon.


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