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Tuesday Magic Item – Trail Guides

23 January, 2018

At the begin8ing and end of a journeyGollaon set a piece of bread and poured a drop of wine on the standing stone, reciting a few words in an ancient language.

Voddick bowed his head and waited patiently until he finished.

“That is done,” smiled Gollaon, taking a quick pull of wine for himself.

“No problems?  The spirits or whatever will help us travel this twice-overgrown wilderness?”

“I believe so, the ritual I used was at least as ancient as the stone and their was no rejection of the gifts.”

“Good, then let us get going,” Voddick shouldered his heavy pack.  “The sooner we are back in civilization the better.”

“I could not agree more.”

Trail Guides

These marker stones are placed at the beginnings, and thus also the ends of trails, through the wild corners of the world.  Each is marked with runes or symbols that the initiated can understand warning of the dangers ahead.  A small sacrifice will enlist the aid of the spirits aligned with each stone to make travel along the trails less hazardous.

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